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Free 2018/2019 (Year C) One-Page Liturgical Calendar

Artist Barbara Lyon has created an original 2018/2019 one-page Christian liturgical calendar for use in church and home. Her delightful visuals are appealing to all ages. She has given permission to distribute this year’s calendar freely and encourages individuals and families to print and hang in a prominent place. Here is a brief statement from the artist about the calendar’s symbolism:

“This year I focused on God’s family, bread, and feasting. We have a nativity focused around Jesus. In Ordinary Time, Jesus feasting with all sorts, Zaccheus, the Woman from the well, Jewish rabbi (Nicodemus!), Mary with a broken bottle of perfume, a dog waiting for crumbs, Zaccheus’ gold falling around Jesus’ feet. Then we see the ground getting ready in Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter, and when the curtain rips there we see the table, God’s presence with us, in our bodies, Ascension Sunday, Pentecost … Trinity Sunday is three beings in one, one Godhead, reaching out in three ways, God in cloud, Holy Spirit in fire, Jesus in physical hands with nail wounds. Ordinary Time is ready soil growing wheat, to die and nourish others/grow again.”

Works well as a handout when printed two-sided and then cut it to an 8.5″ square.

Download PDF

Download PNG