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Holy Cross Day 2017

Today celebrates the cross as a symbol of Christ’s triumph over death. The history behind this day can be traced back to the time of Constantine. Holy Cross Day is celebrated on September 14th because it was on this day in 335 A.D. that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was dedicated in Jerusalem.

Lectionary Readings for Holy Cross

The Sign of the Cross

Many Christian traditions use the sign of the cross as a physical act of prayer that brings to mind Christ’s sacrifice and the continuing call to discipleship. This practice has a rich history. Here is an extended quote from James Keifer explaining its historical and biblical significance:

Sign of the Cross“Tertullian, in his De Corona (3:2), written around AD 211, says that Christians seldom do anything significant without making the sign of the cross. Certainly, by his time the practice was well established. Justin Martyr, in chapters 55 and 60 of his First Apology (Defence of the Christian Faith, addressed to the Emperor Antoninus Pius and therefore written between 148 and 155 AD), refers to the cross as a standard Christian symbol, but not explicitly to tracing the sign of the cross as a devotional gesture… Continue reading Holy Cross Day 2017

The Liturgy Letter Newsletter – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2017 (Year A)

The Liturgy Letter Newsletter – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2017 (Year A)

God’s Care, Mercy, and Forgiveness

“The Lord protects his people; just as he brought them safely out of Egypt (Exodus 14:19-31), so he will care for us. We praise God for his justice, healing, mercy, and love (Psalm 103:1-13 and Psalm 114), knowing that as Christians, we must consider the feelings of others (Romans 14:1-12). In the same way, God has forgiven us much, we are to forgive others with generosity (Matthew 18:21-35).” -Thomas Oden  

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