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Abbeville (Come Holy Spirit)

A classic Sacred Harp tune for Pentecost:

Listen to a folk version by Liz Jayne


Come, Holy Spirit, Come
With energy divine,
And on this poor, benighted soul
With beams of mercy shine

Melt, melt this frozen heart;
This stubborn will subdue;
Each evil passion overcome,
And form me all anew

Mine will the profit be,
But Thine shall be the praise;
And unto Thee will I devote
the remnant of my days

Praise Father, Spirit, Son
The Mighty Three in One
Creator, Saviour, Fiery Breeze
Sustainer be our peace

Words: Benjamin Beddome, 1900
Addition Words: Philip Majorins
Music: ABBEVILLE, by E.J. King, 1844