Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 2020 (Year A)

Blessed and Broken

Jacob was broken and blessed by an awe-inspiring divine encounter (Genesis 32:22-32). The Lord is gracious to those who call upon his steadfast love and will satisfy those who seek his face (Psalm 145:8-9,14-21 and Psalm 17:1-7,15). He is overflowing with grace and promises good gifts to many nations (Isaiah 55:1-5). Through Israel, Jesus the Messiah was revealed to the world as the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises (Romans 9:1-5). Jesus demonstrated God’s grace by overwhelmingly satisfying the hunger of the crowds. The loaves were blessed, broken, and miraculously multiplied.  An apt metaphor for his own life, death, and resurrection (Matthew 14:13-21).

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Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 2020 (Year A)

Pursuing the Kingdom of God

Jacob suffered wrong and sacrificed much to win Rachel’s hand in marriage (Genesis 29:15-28). Wisdom and fulfillment are often the fruit of patient waiting and righteous pursuits (Psalm 128 and 1 Kings 3:5-12). These things may seem out of grasp, but we can still trust God to fulfill his covenant and bring about his purposes in the end (Psalm 105:1-11 and Romans 8:26-39), even in spite of human oppression and unfulfilled desires (Psalm 119:129-136). Followers of Christ are called to wholeheartedly seek God’s kingdom, wisely pursuing that which will last (Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52).

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Liturgy Letter Newsletter – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2020 (Year A)

Glimpses of Glory

Jacob experienced a glimpse of God’s glory and a reminder that God keeps his promises (Genesis 28:10-19a). God eradicates all darkness and knows us better than we know ourselves (Psalm 139). Do not fear (Isaiah 44:6-8)! God’s steadfast love offers mercy and favor (Psalm 86). The Holy Spirit bears witness that we are God’s children through Christ (Romans 8:12-25). All creation patiently waits for evil to be defeated at the end of the age (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43).  

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Liturgy Letter Newsletter – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 2020 (Year A)

Planted in Good Soil

Unrestrained appetites can cause God’s people to turn away from the things that are most important (Genesis 25:19-34). Those who are in Christ Jesus have been set free from the law of sin and death and called to walk, not according to the flesh, but according to the desires of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:1-11). God’s Word illumines a righteous path (Psalm 119:105-112) and waters a seed of everlasting hope (Isaiah 55:10-13). We must acknowledge our need for His forgiveness and blessing (Psalm 65:1-13), for a seed planted in fertile soil produces good fruit (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23).

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