Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 2020 (Year A)

Blessed and Broken

Jacob was broken and blessed by an awe-inspiring divine encounter (Genesis 32:22-32). The Lord is gracious to those who call upon his steadfast love and will satisfy those who seek his face (Psalm 145:8-9,14-21 and Psalm 17:1-7,15). He is overflowing with grace and promises good gifts to many nations (Isaiah 55:1-5). Through Israel, Jesus the Messiah was revealed to the world as the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises (Romans 9:1-5). Jesus demonstrated God’s grace by overwhelmingly satisfying the hunger of the crowds. The loaves were blessed, broken, and miraculously multiplied.  An apt metaphor for his own life, death, and resurrection (Matthew 14:13-21).

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