Live with these texts.

Liturgy Letter curates resources to accompany The Revised Common Lectionary and encourages historic Christian worship forms and practices. Weekly newsletters provide ways to engage the lectionary texts for the week, with special focus on the Psalm and Gospel texts.


  • To encourage holistic, corporate, and individual spiritual formation.
  • To inspire confessional and canonical frameworks for understanding and living into the Christian faith.
  • To reaffirm the necessity of Scripture and history in Christian practice and organization. 
  • To provide content that is historic, ecumenical, formational, and accessible.
  • To reflect upon the “Great Tradition” of the Christian faith that is common within Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions.
  • To nurture unity in historic Christian worship forms.
  • To provide exposure to common Scripture texts.
  • To enliven different modes and proven practices for engaging the story of Jesus revealed in Scripture and through his church.
  • To be a helpful resource for pastors, worship planners, laity, and other church leaders.