Christian Year (2016-2017)

Church Year

The Christian year begins on the first week of Advent and follows the pattern of the life of Christ. This orientation towards time allows Christians to follow Jesus through His life, death, and resurrection. The rhythms of this story define the Christian life.

Church Liturgical Calendar


Online Worldwide Liturgical Calendar (Daily or Weekly)

The Christian Seasons Calendar from the University Hill Congregation in Canada

An Anglican-inspired Liturgical Year Poster (2017/2018) or Liturgical Year Calendar (2017/2018) from Modern Liturgic

The 2018 Liturgical Calendar for the Roman Catholic Diocese of the United States with Scripture readings. Download the PDF for free.

Download a one-page overview of the 2016-2017 Protestant liturgical calendar (with key dates and colors) from The Reformed Church in America

Articles and Books

The Christian Year: Marking Time by Jesus by Christ Church East Bay (Presbyterian)

“Telling Time Differently as Christ Followers: Understanding and Practicing the Church Year” an article by Corey Widmer

“The Pattern of the Christian Year” a Bible study by Howard Vanderwell and Norma de Waal Malefyt

“The Church Year: Climbing the Mountain” an article by Greg Goebel (Anglican)

Moments and Days: How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith – by Michelle Van Loon

The Colors of the Church Year


“The Story…as Told Through the Christian Calendar” a video overview of the church calendar by Christ Church (Anglican)


“A Brief Explanation of the Church Calendar” Audio lecture from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.